Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm going to be driving a lot in the near future. Actually I just finished the first week of my new commute, which ranges among home, Broome Community College, and Tompkins Cortland Community College in some order (see map on the home page). And I thought, instead of resigning myself to the stupidity of sitting in the car for hours and hours every day, listening to NPR, maybe I could do something constructive with the experience... as in, maybe if there's some accountability I won't shake myself awake at the end of this routine and say 'huh, I wonder where the time went.'

So here goes. I think I read somewhere that there are more people writing blogs than reading them, but that's okay. I'm a reference librarian, and the whole library world is crazy about blogs, so this is an experiment as much as an attempt to make the driving not so painful. I'm going to try and post every Sunday, and I guess we'll just see what happens.

Here's my favorite picture from the week: it snowed.


  1. I will subscribe to your blog via atom feed. You will have at least one reader.

  2. I think using time spent traveling to think about librarianship is great! (Not that I am bias since I am one of your boss's.) All kidding aside you have brought up some interesting thoughts about librarianship and in particular serving on the Reference Desk. I have done my fair share of filling the printer with paper and changing the toner but through some of those mindless tasks I also have had the opportunity to speak to people who normally I would not have been in contact with becuase they simply don't ask questions. Its not that they don't have questions they just somehow don't connect with the "Librarian". While being reduced to maintaining the printer somehow the barriers were dropped and I often had the opportunity to engage someone new. I believe that as a profession there will always be need for the Reference Desk and that we as professionals should always consider the opportunities these mindless task present for persuing the higher intellectual challanges that lie ahead.

  3. I agree with you Robin -- I'd just rather have people think of a librarian as an information professional than someone who changes the printer paper (-:

    But the printer can also be like a water cooler, and at least we're showing how approachable we can be when we nicely help patrons with it. Plus I'm trying to improve my time in terms of how many seconds it takes me to change the toner.