Sunday, March 30, 2008


Anyone keeping up with the news about London's Heathrow Airport knows about the estimated 15,000 bags that have been separated from their owners. Unfortunately, one of those bags belongs to me, and as I sat on a bus between terminals anticipating this annoyance, I pondered this:

It seems to be a habit of organizations to focus on a glamourous exterior product rather than on a practical-but-invisible process. (I must admit here that I've been obsessed with this notion since working in decidedly unglamorous Interlibrary Loan.) So, British Airways's Terminal 5 is a gorgeous space for the airline to showcase, but with a 2.5 hour layover I still managed to almost miss a flight when traveling from one terminal to another. I suspect the same blindness exists in libraries.  Not to be too cynical, but I've already observed a number of cases where sensible priorities are marginalized in favor of showier options. 

I guess I'll fight for sanity until I'm too tired, or I become brainwashed and/or managerial. 

I hope my baggage shows up soon.  

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