Monday, April 28, 2008

Mentors in Librarianship

Monday, just before bud break

My commute is about to change, I hope for the better: I'm moving. 

Alongside the excitement of going to a new place is sadness for the things I'm leaving behind, including a number of really inspiring librarians I've worked with. 

I've received an incredible amount of encouragement and advice from my co-workers, and it leaves me feeling humble and blessed, and even a little teary-eyed. Not every profession has such a rich well of mentors. And I guess it may be partly due to the unfortunate 'graying' of the profession, but all I can do is be thankful that these people exist to guide me along my way. 

I know I'll never be able to thank them enough, and the best I can do is commit myself to doing the same for a younger generation when I'm the one with many years of experience in the field. But I'm so moved at the outpouring of support I've received so far that it reinforces the feeling that I've chosen the right career path. I've known for a while that librarianship is a community-oriented profession, but it's taken me until now to understand how that effects me. 

I really, really appreciate it. 

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