Monday, June 16, 2008

Ideas about space gathered from SUNYLA


I had the privilege of participating in a presentation at the SUNYLA Conference this year, and of the many ideas I'm now mulling over, here are some I found really compelling:

In the context of assessing (and justifying?) its physical space, the academic library is unique in providing a desirable environment, various academic services (this includes collections), AND access to technology. This combination may be nowhere else on a campus. While each of the elements may be found elsewhere individually, only the library provides all of them together. 

This is a meaningful observation as everyone rethinks the library and its uses, and it ties nicely into other thoughts I've been having about the design of both physical and online spaces. By breaking habits and needs into meaningful pieces, a designer can create a space that is truly practical. Now librarians need to pursue making our online presences as beneficial as our physical ones.  

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