Monday, December 1, 2008

Libraries Twittering

Thanksgiving travels
(or, dawn on the Phila tarmack)

I've been hearing a lot about Twitter recently, and I find it pretty intriguing. I set up an account a while ago, but I never used it and concluded it was a waste of time. But recently I've seen it in rather urgent contexts -- the BBC was reporting tweets from Mumbai during the terrorist attacks last week, for example -- so I've decided to try it again. I get my fill of pithy one-line status updates among friends on Facebook, but I've created an account for the library: camdencclibrary. 

And now I'm wondering, what is relevant for camdencclibrary's tweets? So far I've put out a call for other libraries that I should follow (0 replies) and an item about the physical building. I just can't believe anyone is going to 'follow' camdencclibrary. I mean, who cares? But maybe that's missing the point -- The point being that I'm participating, communicating, that camdencclibrary has a voice even if nobody is paying attention right now. 

So...I guess I'll just play with it. At least it's entertaining. I have minimal need to be mobile while at work, so using it exclusively on a pc probably cuts down on its impressiveness. We'll see. I'll report anything interesting. 

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  1. Hey! I saw you tweeted about my article. Just wanted to say thanks! I hope it was helpful/informative.