Monday, December 8, 2008

Why Libraries should be Using Twitter

The Library at Night

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have not always been a fan of twitter. Frankly I'm skeptical of a lot of ridiculous Web 2.0 applications that come and go every other week. But at some point during these past few days, twitter won me over. And I think I should put forward some reasons why it's important that libraries be there now & pay attention to yet another element of the brave new 2.0 world.

1) Interactive Library news
News relevant to your library doesn't just come in to the library; it also goes out. And the news going out is targeted to those who are following you. I'm happy to see ALA, LIS News, book blog, and Duke University Press on twitter.

2) World news
This falls under the general responsibility of librarians librarians to be well-informed of world events. The New York Times, BBC, CNN etc. are on twitter. Huge props to Newsweek for following me after I started following them -- Somebody over there gets it.

3) Professional networking
Twitter makes it SO easy to stay in touch informally with colleagues, and to share common problems and concerns in an immediate, real-time way. I'd be (happily) surprised if a student ever followed my tweets, but there are enough librarians there that it doesn't matter.

I hope anybody who's reading this is convinced -- look me up when you get there!


  1. Hey Olivia,

    I found your post on ACRLog and followed it backwards to here. I am always trying to figure out what hot Web 2.0 app we can use where I work to improve services. When you get a chance, you can check out my blog and leave a comment or two.