Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Place of Blogging

moss, appearing after last week's rain

As I've been contributing to a couple of other blogs this past week (on twitter for ACRLog, and on the topic of information literacy assessment for the VALE blog), my thoughts have turned to ... blogging. More specifically, the place of blogging in the academic library. I think it started with the realization that this blog is probably more generally accessible than an article I might publish in the professional literature (see last week's post). And if that's the case, I have even less incentive to publish the aforementioned 'how we done good' type of commentary in library publications. I think if I had some real research though, I wouldn't necessarily publish it here. Nor would I post a book I had written here. I can't tell if that's because the models for those formats are so ingrained (book=for sale through a publisher, research=published in a professional journal) or because blogging really is a different way of communicating. 

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