Thursday, December 10, 2009

Testing Mobile Services on Faculty

Storm blowing through this week

Once again, we are reviewing the mobile landscape and wondering if it is time to dive in. Will our users take advantage of mobile library services if we provide them?

Recently I had three interactions with faculty members where email communication from them was sent from their mobile devices. It seems likely that professors at our college spend more time traveling to and teaching classes than in front of a computer, and so they might be the first to adopt mobile library services. In fact, faculty may demand more sophisticated applications from their phones than students, and they may be more inclined to think of them as productivity tools as much as social tools. They also may have more money to spend on a phone and a plan.

EBSCO recently announced they are providing a mobile platform, and so I'm trying to set that up and will then encourage faculty to test it out. We can gauge the usefulness and think about how to promote the service to students after that. (And then maybe we can also convince someone we need iii's airpac?)

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