Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blogging: What Works

poinsettias, alla cell phone

Although it may not always be reflected in my entries, it takes a lot of time and energy to post here regularly. That it's so easy to produce and distribute content on a blog is great, but to create anything meaningful is still a lot of work. Which begs the question, why do it? What types of things are most effectively communicated in blog format? In reading other blogs, I've picked up a general sense of what works for this medium. To illustrate, here are three examples:

-The Bloggess: Profane and funny, the author writes with engaging wit about her everyday life. Most recently she has leveraged her popularity toward a great charitable cause.

-Design*Sponge: Frequently updated, this design site covers projects, highlights artists and designers, and is a wonderful representation of ideas about visual arts of many types.

-In the Library with the Lead Pipe: I have a lot of respect for the darling of the library world, even though I often end up only scanning the articles. The content is regularly intelligent and well-reasoned.

So ideally I should try to combine elements of these three -- entertainment, visual appeal, and careful consideration of the profession. I've got some work to do [I cringe looking at my photograph for the week], but it's good to have inspiration.

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