Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starting the Summer

It's between semesters right now, as Commencement is on Saturday and the summer sessions don't begin until the following Monday. Usually this is a good time to play catch-up, take a breather, and plan for the future.

However, due to a budgeting miscommunication we're suddenly having to make large cuts to our subscription databases; we should have a new Library Director by the end of June; and there are several staff absences on the horizon. Variables like these tend to make planning difficult.  

Begin side note / In one episode of the TV show Parks and Recreation, the main character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, faces losing her job as a consequence of cuts in local government funding. Despite being thoroughly apathetic about their department, Knope's boss Ron Swanson ends up coming to her defense. His own job is secure because he is seen as someone who keeps costs down, compared to the exuberant Knope who continually has a new project or improvement in mind. Here's my point (finally): Sometimes I feel like Leslie Knope, in that I'm constantly having to be told no. Which I understand, I really do. This is a horrible economic climate for any department to be asking for resources. So we keep plugging along as usual, doing our best despite myriad limitations in time and money. (And now serious cuts, which I already mentioned.) On bad days, this makes me frustrated and sad; on the good days I'm motivated to face the challenges and keep fighting the good fight. / End side note 

So rather than focusing on the long-term, I'm working on the short: I'm starting to get the reserves textbook collection in order for the fall, I'm trying to resolve some ongoing computer issues, and I'm putting together the library's faculty newsletter.

Next week the college switches to a 4-day workweek. It's a good time to transition to summer.

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